Poor Sailor:

"Poor Sailor is a cubist’s dream – images and words are established then fractured, repurposed later in another body or voice... The piece dips in and out of rowdy vaudeville, unison dance, startling quietude, and epistles, but you hang on with pleasure. You might not understand exactly what transpires, but you welcome the delirium, because it is precise, engaging, . . . and, well, gorgeous." [Theater in the Now]

Obedient Steel:

"Tugboat Collective team created what their characters were hoping to produce: a sensation." [Theater in the Now]

"Brown’s writing is both endearing and slowly chilling... All in all, Obedient Steel is well-played, steady-paced, and effectively captured piece of our nation’s descent in scientific and moral exploitation after World War II. Chloe Brown has written a compelling new drama for the American stage."  [New York Theater Review]

"The brazenly funny script, written by Chloe Brown and performed skillfully by the cast, further implicates the audience in this dangerous project... Obedient Steel leaves it up to the audience to be the judge, and there is much to consider once we are done laughing." [StageBuddy]

"Obedient Steel remains, however, a thoughtful piece about what happens when your life is just starting and you’ve already reached your peak. The cast truly bring the characters’ journeys to realistic fruition with the help of some excellent staging and a versatile script."  [Letters from the Mezzanine]

"Chloe Brown’s delightfully peculiar play Obedient Steel professes to be 'neither documentary nor historical fiction. Instead, it is an impression of an era through now-tinted glasses"...  [Obedient Steel] captures the essence of that post-Einstein era and hints at the deep-seated terror and despair that characterized it."  [Jack Smart Reviews]


The What Dance

"[Channels] joyful energy and meek sorrow… [Captures] the emotional desolation and frustration of life in an autocracy… Exuberantly performed by its enthusiastic players as a kind of circus in a minor key, their charming clowning at the outset leads them to unexpected detours through the halls of power and roads of camaraderie that leave the audience with a sense of the magnificence and inevitable waste of man’s time upon the earth by play’s end." [Metro]

OBEDIENT STEEL (Photo: Hunter Canning)

OBEDIENT STEEL (Photo: Hunter Canning)

THE WHAT DANCE (Photo: Hunter Canning)

THE WHAT DANCE (Photo: Hunter Canning)