Poor Sailor

Directed by Eben Hoffer

Inspired by the book by S.A. Harkham

Additional Text- Isaac Hoffer & Noah Mease

Featuring - Nathaniel Basch-Gould, Megan Hanley, John Kurzynowski, Izzy Sazak, Nick Trotta

Lights - Mike Faba

Sound - Eben Hoffer

Set & Costumes - Joseph Wolfslau 


Poor Sailor is a multidisciplinary fever-dream about a man who Bucks Tradition and leaves his wife to go to sea, and the adventures and tragedy that follow. It is also a group’s meditation on the nature of isolation and the search for the true self, anywhere but here, with anyone but you. Featuring eerie lights among the rocks, sea-shanties, sirens, pirates, kraken, and gnawing doubt, Poor Sailor wonders where in heaven’s name we went so very wrong.

Poor Sailor was first presented in a workshop showing as part of The Creators Collective's "3 to 1" night at The Nu Hotel. It premiered in full May-June 2015 at The Brick as part of their 2015 Brick Resident Artist program. 


Photo credit: Maria Baranova