Obedient Steel

Written by Chloe Brown

Directed by Rebecca Wear

Featuring - Nathaniel Basch-Gould, E. James Ford, Craig Mungavin, Anastasia Olowin, Max Reinhardsen, Kate Thulin

Lights - Isabella F. Byrd

Sound - Eben Hoffer

Set & Costumes - Joseph Wolfslau 

Props - Noah Mease

Dramaturgy - Nick Trotta


The brightest minds in the world are having a party and working on a top-secret weapon. They are young, talented, dancing, and wear the most stylish glasses. But then, something goes heart-stoppingly wrong. And now, nothing will ever be the same. This is a play about Brilliance. This is a play about Progress. This is a play about the guinea pig you really didn’t mean to hurt that is now lying dead on the table. This is a play about You.

Obedient Steel was developed with through a series of Tugboat workshops that explored repression, social performance, and the history of the bomb. It premiered at HERE Arts Center in November 2013.


Photo credit: Suzi Sadler