Moon & Marble

Created by - Liza Curtiss & Eben Hoffer

Original Concept - Liza Curtiss

Directed by - Sarah E.R. Grossman

Featuring - Nathaniel Basch-Gould, Amy Virginia Buchanan, Liza Curtiss, 

Patrick Foley, Eben Hoffer, Isaac Hoffer, Aba Kiser, and Nick Trotta

Lights - Mike Faba

Sound & Original Music - Eben Hoffer

Set, Props & Costumes - Joseph Wolfslau


Moon & Marble is an original 75-minute play without words. It is a coming of age story of what we must leave behind, what the journey takes from us, and how it is we find our way home again. Featuring the ensemble's signature combination of music, dance, physical comedy, and a stunning, hand-woven design, the play is a funny, heart-wrenching, and mystifying one of a kind theatrical experience.

Moon & Marble received a developmental production by the Theater Dept. of Williams College in 2010 (then titled Wanting Where). Tugboat Collective later workshopped the show with Liza Curtiss in Seattle and New York before producing it at the Brooklyn Lyceum in December 2012.


Photo credit: Keira Heu-Jwyn Chang