TUGBOAT COLLECTIVE is a Brooklyn based ensemble of multidisciplinary artists that devise and create small, delicate, and beautiful theatrical worlds.  By a rigorous and accident-filled process, we sew diverse source materials together to create intricate theatrical pieces rooted in the precise interaction between physical performance and immersive design.  Our company contains actors, designers, writers, movers, and musicians; we explore all of these disciplines in all stages of development, creating pieces of unexpected form and unity. Our work is for an audience; it is funny, strange, sad, and tries to make more problems than it solves.


Our Work:

We strive to create work that:

Can only be experienced in a live setting.

Is about the intangible: ideas and experiences that cannot be directly explained, or are felt at the threshold of consciousness.

Explores the human space between verbal and non-verbal narrative, via deep roots in design and physical performance.

Explores the idea that one means of communicating is not necessarily more important than any other.

Is a document of our experience and community in the present moment.

Is physically created sustainably, using recycled material and objects in unexpected and innovative ways.

Is cheap enough that you can go to it.

MOON & MARBLE (Photo: Keira Heu-Jwyn Chang)

MOON & MARBLE (Photo: Keira Heu-Jwyn Chang)