Jack the Bird

Written by Isaac Hoffer

Directed by John Kurzynowski

Featuring - Nick Trotta, Hannah Finn, Sam Corbin, Nathaniel Basch-Gould

Lights - Mike Faba

Sound - Eben Hoffer

Set & Costumes - Joseph Wolfslau


Jack, a bird, is in love with Desmonde, a student. She doesn’t know he exists – and to further complicate matters, she is a human being, and Jack has only the vaguest idea of what human beings are about. The play explores the interaction of different kinds of powerlessness – linguistic, social, and economic – and the danger of treating others as symbols rather than individuals. It is also about being a bird. As the action progresses through monologue, dance, ritual, and the fractured intimacy of drunken conversation, two very different worlds emerge: one in which Jack lives out his fantasies, and one in which Desmonde and her friends get on with their lives.

Jack the Bird appeared at Theater For The New City’s in August 2013. It was seen in a bare-bones production at Tenement Street Workshop’s Snowballs Festival in January 2013.


Photo credit: Hunter Canning